EnTeam provides three main services as follows:

1. Classroom Embedded Professional Development

Classroom embedded professional developments involve an EnTeam facilitator coming into the classroom to demonstrate an EnTeam activity. This service is intended to be a training session for the teacher to learn how to facilitate their own activities in the future. Teachers are expected to contribute and actively facilitate alongside the EnTeam facilitator.

2. Professional Development for School Employees

EnTeam also provides professional development for school districts, teachers, social workers, and other school staff. EnTeam facilitates activities that demonstrate collaborative learning to educators. The professional development will stress heavily on collaboration, teamwork, and trust.

3. Corporate Professional Development

If your team needs a little reminder on working together and seamless collaboration, then EnTeam’s corporate Professional Development is the right program for you!

Besides these programs, we also have several community programs in place. These programs include Operation Cooperation and HOT Bowl.

Please submit any inquiries below and include your contact information. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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