What is EnTeam?

EnTeam is a way to build success together and to measure our ability to bring out the best in each other by using strategic games. These games can be physical (baseball, ping-pong, relays), mental (chess, checkers, Jenga), and/or academic (reading, writing, math). Organizations such as schools, faith communities, and businesses use EnTeam activities to build communication, cooperation, and teamwork by changing win-lose rivalries into win-win relations. EnTeam gives people a scoreboard for measuring cooperation between teams. EnTeam ameliorates competitive situations and brings people together against an impersonal opponent rather than against each other.

How is EnTeam organized?

EnTeam is a non-profit, educational organization established in Missouri in 1995. EnTeam is governed by a Board of Directors and services are delivered by a network of facilitators. Their backgrounds are diverse — our team members are of all backgrounds: education, engineering, research, social work, and recreation.

Who uses EnTeam?

EnTeam provides a framework for learning to win together that is customized to be applicable in all learning situations, whether it is at schools, colleges and universities, parent-teacher organizzations, faith communities, businesses, recreation centers, etc. EnTeam facilitators travel to your site and provide support and guidance before, during, and after the EnTeam training. Although the EnTeam Institute is located in St. Louis, EnTeam programs have been held all over the country in Massachusetts, Florida, California, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri.

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